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The Ladder Tournament Rules

  1. All matches shall follow the USRA Official Rules of Racquetball

  2. New players may join the ladder at any time, entering at the bottom of their chosen skill group.

  3. At any time, you may challenge either of the players ranked one or two places above you, by sending email to that player.

  4. The match must occur within one week of the challenge. If a challenged player is unable to play during that week, or if the challenger receives no reply within a week, then the challenger wins by forfeit.

  5. A challenged player will not be required to play more than one match per week. If a second challenge occurs within the same week, the challenged player may postpone the challenge until the next week.

  6. If a player issues a challenge and then is challenged from below before the first match takes place, the second challenge is held in abeyance until the first match is resolved. For example, suppose player #4 has challenged #3, but then receives a challenge from player #6. If #4 beats #3, the challenge from #6 is no longer valid. However, if #4 loses to #3, the challenge from #6 becomes valid, and should be played within one week.

  7. A match will consist of two games played to 15 points each. If each side wins one game, then a third game is played to 11 points. You only win points when you are serving, and you don't need to win by two points.

  8. The winner of the match should report the scores using the Match Report form. If the challenger wins, the two players shall swap ranks, and the ladder will be updated.