WRF Ensemble Plumes
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About the plumes: Data for each station is interpolated from our 36, 12, or 4-km grids. Gray lines are for GEFS. Heavy black line is the ensemble mean. CMCG is brown, JMAG is sea green, GASP is light purple, NOGAPS is dark green, TCWB is light orange, and UKMO is dark purple, ARPG is this color, while our operational WRF-GFS (aka WRFRT) is cyan, 75-level WRF-GFS is light blue, WRF-GFS version 3.7.1 is this color, WRF-GFS version 4 with drag is this color, WRF-GFS version 4 with Pleim physics is this color, WRF-GFS version 4 with P3 microphysics is this color, WRF-GFS with HRRR physics is this color. The precipitation-type plot uses the closest gridpoint to each station as opposed to interpolation and may not contain a trace for the GFS. Zoom for more stations.

start total accumulated QPF and snowfall at 0 inches when adjusting forecast hours spanned