Saturday, May 1, 2021
Zoom Virtual Conference
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Submitting your abstract    Abstracts due date: April 10, 2021

If you would like to present your work, you may do so in either a poster board format or a presentation. Either format will require your submission of an abstract that communicates in short and concise fashion, a summary of your work. If your presentation will include graphics, unique presentations, you may append those to the text and both will appear on this web site with related links.

Please try and use the following guidelines when creating your abstract.
  • use Word, Word Perfect, or ASCII text for abstract -- No PDFs please!
  • use 12 point ARIAL for text
  • limit abstract length (including title) to one page or less. Two page abstracts will not be accepted.
  • insert one blank line between abstract body paragraphs
  • one inch margin (top and sides with a floating bottom margin)
  • 1.5 inches between author information and abstract body
  • author information (centered) to include:
    • paper name
    • author's name - without title
    • author's affiliation (NWS, UW - Dept of Atmos Science, etc.,)
    • phone number and e-mail address
  • regarding graphics, and tables, please entitle each
  • submit graphics and tables in GIF or JPEG formats

If submitting corrections to either the abstract or a graphic, please submit complete file REPLACEMENTS and I will be happy to replace and delete them for you. Unfortunately, insufficient time exists for other editing methods. Also, if you already submitted your abstract AND want to change the TITLE of your abstract, please provide very specific information about what you are changing "from" and changing "to". This will help considerably - and I thank you in advance.

Please send abstracts, respective documents and/or special requests in via e-mail to:

A comprehensive list of abstracts with links to respective text and data will be made available as abstracts are submitted. This includes abstracts for poster board sessions. The week of the conference, a final listing will be made available at this web site that contains all abstracts, their graphs, as well as detailed information about other evolving aspects of the conference.